Stay At Home Mothers

What’s on your to-do list today? Oh…everything! Again?

Optimal Life Hacks for Stay at Home Mothers is a tailored program for super busy mothers like you.

Stay at Home Mothers

It will help you create more balance and flow in your life. So you can manage everything that’s important to you.

Are you a stay at home mother feeling disconnected
and wondering how to make it all work?

 Do you:

  • Feel super stressed with juggling too many balls?
  • Feel unsure of the value you bring beyond the walls of your home?
  • Wonder how to balance all your competing priorities and move yourself higher up the list?
  • Know what to do, but just can’t get out of bad habits? Hello, sneaking chocolate cookies when the kids aren’t looking!
  • Want to make sure the role of “mother” doesn’t become your only identity?
  • Feel left behind?
  • Know you don’t want to return to work to the detriment of your children or your marriage/partnership?
  • Find yourself talking and thinking about your kids 24/7? And secretly wondering if you are becoming obsessed?
  • Get twitchy at the thought of school holidays, and feel relief when Monday morning comes again?

You‘re not the only one!

We give you small steps that make your life easier
and more enjoyable.

You’ll learn valuable skills to feel less stressed,
happier and more energetic.


Optimal Life Hacks for Stay at Home Mothers gives you the tips, ideas and tools to:

  • stay healthy as you know you don’t get sick leave
  • actually carve out time to do the things you want to do
  • maintain your energy all day long
  • help you plan for your future as your children get older, such as returning to work
  • manage the guilt of not giving everyone the undivided attention they want of you
  • take on big life changes with a healthy mindset and energy to spare

Optimal Life Hacks for Stay at Home Mothers is your go to place

for resources on balancing your whole life.

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