Educator Program

3 minutes a dayfor a more balanced life


Taking care of yourself will help you take better care of others.

You’ll learn simple practical skills to care for yourself easily, carve out personal time wisely, and improve your well-being:

  • Practice and role model well-being habits that you teach students
  • Use mindfulness to manage stress of ceaseless demands
  • Focus your energy on what matters most
  • Stay hydrated, eat and sleep better
  • Get moving naturally more
  • Receive the all-important encouragement and emotional nourishment you need to stay motivated all school year

“I’ve most liked the short and quick activities provided”

Translating science into simple tools


We’ll email you 5 hacks each week.


Each Hack takes just 3 minutes or less.


Practical, real-life results that can change your life.


“The meditation helps me focus and I can reflect on my day”

5 Essential Pillars for your Optimal Life


Short meditation techniques that will effectively help you to manage stress and to find your inner peace and balance.


You’ll be provided with useful tools to manage your time and energy with a focus on what really matters most to you.


You’ll get hacks and recipes for healthy foods, ways to stay hydrated and techniques to get great sleep.


We’ll get you moving without taking up more of your precious time. With our movement routines you’ll be fitter, stronger, more flexible and able to maintain your healthy weight.


Thoughtful formulas that will allow you to dig into your emotions, relationships and environment to bring out positivity, calmness and fulfillment.

“Helped me squirrel some time to have me time!”

Change your life 3 minutes at a time

  • A guide to new healthy habits
  • Costs less than coffee
  • Really easy steps that work

3 x Easy Payments

$48 per month
  • Pay over 3 easy payments
  • Risk Free Guarantee. Full, no-hassle refund within the first 7 days.
  • Apply a coupon to your purchase after creating a new account during checkout.
  • 12 weeks of effective life hacks for only $12 a week